Do you love beer? Have you ever thought about taking a beer-cation? In this post I will be sharing some of the more interesting beer-inations around the world. “I already know about the good beer in Ireland, Germany, Brussels and Czech Republic along with many other places in Europe, I bet this article is just another one of those. They all mention the same places and it sounds like the writer hasn’t done their research!” You say. Well, I have some great news for you, I have done my best to avoid the common beer-inations around the world and instead I’m aiming to share some off the beaten path places for you to explore.

Windhoek, Namibia, which has historical ties with Germany and this has obviously continued to have an impact on the country, especially regarding the Reinheitsgebot (the German beer purity law). In Windhoek, where the days are long, dry and sunny, so many people would be searching for a good place to enjoy an ice-cold beverage whilst reminiscing about the amazing things you will do and see in the country. The lack of clean water may be of concern to some but it appears that the breweries mentioned have worked out a few methods to clean and purify the water making it perfect for brewing beer.

There are a number of great breweries available for your perusal during your stay in this beer-tastic country. First, Namibia Breweries LTD, where they strip water down to it’s individual elements and rebuilds it in their state-of-the-art osmosis contraption which has resulted in significantly less water used than compared to the larger breweries. More recently, Namibia has managed to produce the necessary ingredients locally rather than sourcing from abroad and the farming industry is set to grow in order to accommodate the breweries needs.

Seoul, South Korea, is definitely taking on the craft beer craze and giving it their own twist. The craft beer industry in Seoul is being driven by women who are aiming to create a considerate drinking culture, especially with the consumption of alcohol. They’ve coined the name “Craft Beer Alley” in Gyeongnidan where you can find people drinking on the streets in the summer months along with many modern coffees, restaurants, bars and the nightlife area of the city nearby. One of the greatest things about many of the craft breweries in Seoul is that they offer Sampler allowing travellers to experience the different flavours. Don’t forget to follow the local customs of enjoying a snack with your beer.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, is another up and coming beer-ination enticing visitors from around the world with their beer festival and Gypsie brewing scene. As brewing is yet to become legal in the city of Rio De Janeiro, there are many Gypsie breweries creating this staple beverage for the population. Because of the current laws, craft beer is considered something new for the city and has been gaining popularity with at a steady over the last few years. Most of the breweries are located in Minas Gerais and are currently producing and selling world class beers after the initial struggle with high taxes and expensive real estate in the area. Make sure to check out Hocus Pocus, which started in 2014, Three Monkeys, run by three friends since 2013, and Rockbird, who offers bold flavours. Make sure to do some research and find others before heading to the city as more and more are opening up all the time.

Moscow, Russia, can be known as the city that ran out of vodka on the 10th of May, 1945 during the post WW2 celebrations but something you may not know is that beer is becoming the beverage of choice for these vodka guzzling locals. As more and more breweries are opening up in this famous city, the number of beer geeks come to explore the wonders of Russian beer increases. This new generation of beer drinkers are changing the way Russians drink alcohol in general, rather than drink to get drunk they are savouring the tase. As this wave of beer connoisseurs arriving in Moscow continues to grow, there are so many breweries opening up on a regular basis that a few local sources of media have refused to review them all simply due to the speed at which they’re opening. So many of these breweries are opening up every month because of a loophole in the liquor licence laws where if the establishment only sells beer they don’t need to obtain the licence.

Melbourne, Australia, is home to the beverages that the country is well-known for such as Fosters, you’ll be hard pressed to find an Australian actually drinking Fosters since most locals prefer Victoria Bitter (VB), Crown Larger and Carlton Draught. Australia has managed to include at least one pub in every single town throughout the entire country, unfortunately, due to a number of reasons some have had to close meaning that this is no longer the case. Cities like Melbourne are definitely picking up the slack by providing pubs on what seems like every street corner offering beers on tap at competitive prices.


Before heading to Australia and participating in the beer culture, you need to know a few things. First, you can’t buy beer at the regular supermarket, there are special shops where you can purchase your grog of choice, these are typically called “bottle-o” – Dan Murphy is one of the more popular ones but there are plenty of others. At the bottle-o, you can pick up beer in slabs of 24 or, occasionally, 30 cans for a good price. If you’d really like to experience the pub culture in Australia then you have to know that “a shout” means you pay for a round, “lite” means low alcohol, “schoona” refers to the glass containing your beer.

Where did you have the best beer around the world?