It’s no doubt that Europe has some of the most beautiful countries in the world. It’s everyone’s holiday dream to skip through and explore the beauty of places like Germany, France, Austria, and Liechtenstein. Though they’re amazing countries, there’s a little gem that’s right in the middle of all of them. That’s Switzerland.
Easily overlooked by backpackers, Switzerland is a little piece of magic located in the west of central Europe. What makes the country so picture perfect is the fact that it’s literally like stepping into a fairy tale. There’s beauty everywhere you look, no matter where you are.
Here are a few reasons why Switzerland is the perfect travel destination for you and your camera.

Swiss Alps

A Switzerland trip isn’t complete without exploring the beautiful Swiss Alps. Whether you go on a hike, take part in an adrenalin-boosting activity, or just appreciate the beauty around you, the mountains, lakes, and valleys are enough to leave you speechless.

The Swiss Alps are probably the main reason Switzerland is so perfect for your camera. Standing at 4478m, the most well known of the Alps is the Matterhorn. Not only is it one of the highest peaks in all of Europe, but it’s even been named the most photographed mountain in the world!

Places in Switzerland

Swiss cuisine

If you’re into taking food photos, Switzerland will offer you some of the best looking cuisine there is in Europe. With its hearty meals, you’ll be drooling over their traditional Rosti – a Swiss take on the hash brown, the Raclette – a warm local cheese that’s grilled over a fire with potatoes, or the Zopf – a popular white loaf bread.

There are even a number of vegan and vegetarian options readily available, which can be rare in some countries. With fresh markets, health shops and restaurants, all your needs are catered for, all while looking tasty enough to take a quick snap!

Food in Switzerland

Delicious Chocolate

You know when chocolate looks so good; you just have to take a photo?
Switzerland has been known for being one of the best chocolate manufacturers in the world, so you can only imagine how silky smooth and beautiful they’d taste and look. Whether you’re after a block, a praline, a mousse, a cake or a cooking class, you can indulge in the creamy, mouth-watering goodness anywhere you go.

Adrenalin Activities

Though all the scenery and landscapes are gorgeous, there are other fun things to do in Switzerland, such as extreme sports! Popular in the wintertime, the Swiss are very passionate about their incredible sporting opportunities that are readily available for anyone who visits.
With a gorgeous backdrop, you can partake in a number of adrenalin activities. Take a lesson in snow kiting – a mix between wind sailing and snowboarding. If that’s not your thing, how about skydiving over the Swiss Alps? You can even try out canyoning, heliboarding or skiing. The list is endless for those fast paced action shots that you’re after!

Things to do in Switzerland

Luscious Lakes

It’s no doubt that Switzerland is renown for all its natural beauty. Its range of breathtaking lakes is just another thing to add to the list.
Being one of biggest lakes in Europe, Lake Geneva stretches 72 km from Geneva all the way to Villeneuve. It’s perfect for a day trip where you can indulge in a dive or a sail.

Then over in Lucerne, you’ve got Lake Lucerne, which is a must add to your ‘places to visit in Switzerland’ list. This is where you’ll start snapping away. Lake Lucerne has a beautiful backdrop of the Swiss Alps. Being the fourth biggest lake in Switzerland, Lake Lucerne is a dream for photographers.

Places in switzerland

Scenic rides

Europe is known for having some gorgeous scenic routes. In the span of a day, you can see beautiful greenery, icy mountains, and warm coastlines.

Switzerland is the same. Not only does it have an amazing public transport system that’s actually on time, but the views that you see are picture perfect. There are so many beautiful scenic trips you can in Switzerland, but the most popular one to hop on is the famous Glacier Express. With its large panoramic windows, The Glacier Express takes you across the Alps on an extended journey through valleys, bridges, and tunnels. Talk about a photo op!

Places in Switzerland

Rhine falls

Did you know that Switzerland is home to the biggest waterfall in Europe? Located in the north, the Rhine Falls is 150 metres wide and 23 metres high. The natural sounds are so loud that you can hear the water crashing miles away.
With over one million travellers visiting the Rhine Falls every year, this is a place where you can take a dozen photos, but it just doesn’t compare to the spectacular view that’s right in front of you.

Medieval Towns

Want to unwind and take a step back? Switzerland offers some beautiful cobble street villages where you can slow down the pace of your trip.
The smaller towns hold a medieval presence which makes it all more like you’re part of a historical era. A couple hours from Geneva, you’ve got towns like Estavayer-le-Lac, which sits on Lake Neuchatel. Just out of Zurich you’ve got the medieval town of Lenzbury, which is home to some of the most amazing castles.

Just imagine all the incredible photos you could take!

Places in switzerland

Magical Castles

If you’re after something out of a fairytale book, Switzerland is the place to be. Holding some of the best castles in central Europe, you can find everything from fancy modern palaces to older rustic fortresses.
The most popular castle in Switzerland is the Chateau de Chillon, and for a number of good reasons. Sitting on an island in Lake Geneva, this castle will be one of the best things you photograph when you visit Switzerland.

Places in switzerland

There are so many definitely your next travel destination. Whether you eat your way through, get lost in a fairytale of castles, zip line across the Swiss Alps or unwind in the quiet cobbled street towns, Switzerland will have your camera roll looking like a dream!