All tourists traveling around Canada have probably heard about Tofino. It is a small village located on the coastline of Vancouver Island in British Columbia. In the past, Tofino used to be solely a fishing village far away from civilization. But nowadays it attracts a lot of tourists, surfers, campers and simply nature lovers. Due to a growing popularity, hotels in Tofino are often full, especially on the weekends. So do not expect that you can easily choose an accommodation upon arriving and make your reservations in advance.

Tofino itself is a very picturesque village. Nature here is virtually untouched by human influence and basically remains in the same pristine state. Besides the magnificent nature, this area can boast a rich fauna. Local businesses offer tourists to go see whales, sea lions and bears.

You will need at least two days to try all the fun in Tofino. After walking around the endless beaches in the morning, go back to the village, rent a surfboard and try to catch a couple waves. On the next day, get a boat with a guide and go on a sea voyage. You can also visit natural hot springs, bathing in which is said to help cure any illness. And don’t forget to take your camera to take pictures of Tofino’s incredible beauty.

Tofino is a Canadian capital of surfing

Today Tofino is considered to be one of the best places for surfing. This type of sports activity has been practicing here since 1970. In the present time, surfing has entrenched in Tofino so firmly, that it attracts a lot of surfers who take part in various tournaments and competitions.

The unique waves are a true natural “attraction” of Tofino. As the matter of fact, the height of the waves depends on a distance from the coast. This interesting feature makes Tofino a very popular place among both professional and amateur surfers.  It is also a perfect place to learn surfing, because of the very soft sandy ocean bottom, which provides an ideal landing.

The optimum water temperature in the ocean near Tofino is actually not that cold. During the summer and winter, the water temperature does not change a lot and reaches about 10 degrees Celsius. During the winter there may be storms and wave height often reaches 15 feet or even higher. Such weather occurs in Tofino from November to February. All of this creates favorable conditions for surfing even during the winter season.  Despite the fact the water temperature in the winter is not too cold, there are still some negative factors which may influence the surfing experience. Winds, snow and rainfalls can greatly complicate surfing and make it too uncomfortable for the newbies.

Beautiful beaches, sandy coast and high waves are not the only advantages of the surfing vacation in Tofino. Here tourists can not only learn the basics of surfing but at the same time admire the beauty of its wild nature, picturesque sceneries and pristine landscapes.

To get to one of the beaches in Tofino, you’ll have to make a short walk through a beautiful forest full of a variety of trees and canopies of moss. The beaches are not very far from each other. In addition, there are even some secluded ones, which are surrounded by rocky mountains. Tourists also have a chance to observe amazing sunrise and sunset intertwined with the serenity of the mountain peaks.

If you don’t have your own surfing equipment, do not worry. There are a lot of places in Tofino offering wetsuit and boat rent. Even in spite of an influx of people during the weekend, there is no need to make a reservation in advance. In addition to the surfboard, you will most likely be provided with a mount for a car roof for free.

On the other hand, it is better to book a surfing lesson at least 24 hours in advance.  In addition to the equipment, the lesson includes an introduction about the surfing specifics in this area, how to stand on the board and control its speed.

Natural hot springs near the Tofino

Hot Springs Cove is a real nature’s wonder. The springs are located in the Maquinna Provincial Park on the west coast of the Vancouver Island. In the cove the sulfuric acid waterfall falls into the ocean, filling natural reservoirs with hot water. The water temperature here is very high and reaches up to 47 degrees Celsius. The hot springs flow directly into the ocean forming several natural pools. The closer the pool is located to the ocean the cooler water temperature there is.

During the tide, splashes of salty water reach even the highest pools and visitors experience extraordinary sensations when the icy ocean water combines with the hot springs. If you like a hot bath, try to stay under water for a minute or two. It will be incredible to feel to power and warmth of the Earth around your body.

Bathing suits are optional, but shoes must be worn necessarily. The coast rocks here have sharp edges and rubber shoes are highly recommended.

Hot Spring Cove has no road access and can only be reached by a private boat or an airplane. An entrance fee to the park is only 3 dollars. However, in order to enjoy the springs, you will have to spend more money and a minimum of three full days. At first, you need to get from Vancouver to Tofino, spend the night and in the morning take a tour to the springs. And then take the same route on the way back.

Tofino is full of tourist companies offering transportation to the springs. The main problem, however, that the hot springs can only be used by only 5 people at a time, while tourist companies bring hundreds of visitors every weekend.  In order to avoid this hustle, spend the night in the park in a tent and come to the springs early in the morning before the daily crowd of tourists.

In conclusion, it is necessary to point out that even though Tofino seems to locate at the very edge of the Earth, this is a definitely a place worth visiting. It will amaze you with its beauty and provide with unforgettable memories for the rest of your life.