Sydney travel is jam-packed with fun experiences for all ages in a wonderfully vibrant and diverse city, and a great climate means you can be outdoors most of the time!

Places to visit in sydney

But don’t worry – there are also some great things to do if the weather doesn’t hold and you’re stuck indoors. If you’re looking for something a little extra special for the little ones in your life, we’ve put together a great list of top Sydney attractions to keep the kids happy. Even if they’re over the age of 40!

Places to visit in sydney

The Botanic Gardens

The beautiful grounds of Sydney’s botanical gardens will entertain children for hours. Located in the eastern area of the CBD, not only do the gardens have wonderful play parks, but they also have daily events for kids to enjoy and get involved in, as well as top class facilities for adults too, including bookshops, cafes and restaurants, art exhibitions and more. A particular favourite is “the Chocolate Garden” every Saturday, where children can make their own chocolate using ingredients sourced from rainforests. Yum!

Places in sydney

Sydney Tower

If you or your kids have a good head for heights, then the Sydney Tower is a great place to take them for some incredible views over the city. The tower has a 360 viewing platform, which is 250 metres above sea level, so you can see the gorgeous Sydney skyline from every angle, and have fun picking out all the landmarks. There’s also a 4D cinema, as well as other interactive learning experiences, free binoculars and touch screens. Just try not to get too dizzy!

Places in sydney

Bondi Beach

No list of things for children to do anywhere would be complete without a trip to the beach! Everyone loves going to the seaside, so here we include one of the most famous beaches in the world – and at the same time one of the most fun things to do in Sydney. Apart from bringing a bucket and spade and burying you up to your neck in the sand, there are also plenty of playgrounds for kids to tire themselves out on – if they can! Bondi also offers surfing lessons to children as young as seven, so they can learn how to ride the waves early. Cowabunga!

Monster Skate Park

For slightly older children – or brave younger ones – there are the truly amazing facilities at the Monster Skate Park. It’s a little bit further out than other Sydney attractions, but well worth the trouble to get there for that budding Tony Hawk in your life. They’ve got mini ramps for learning new tricks and skills, as well as indoor and outdoor street courses. Be advised for those under 18 you need permission from a parent or guardian. But whether you or your child is a skater, scooter or a BMX-er, you’re not going to want to miss this place. They play some top tunes to get you pulling the moves, and they’ve even got a scooter store for all things street! Get your skates on!

Places in sydney

Sydney Sea Life Aquarium

The Sydney Sea Life Aquarium is one of the most eye-opening things to do in Sydney, and certainly one of the most educational for children and adults alike. There’s so much to see and do here that you could spend hours wandering around and learning about all aquatic things. They have loads of different zones corresponding to different parts of the world’s oceans, rivers, lakes and seas; including rock pools, penguin exhibition, ray tank and the infamous (and extremely popular) shark tunnel – with some of the largest aquarium sharks in the world! We’re gonna need a bigger boat!

IMAX cinema

At the time of writing, the IMAX in Sydney is undergoing a makeover and is currently closed. However, we’re including it here because it’s the world’s biggest IMAX screen and we’re sure that it’s going to be even more awesome when it re-opens! There’s really nothing like watching a 3D movie in an IMAX cinema – and children especially love the animated films that are so cool to watch on a massive screen! Aside from that, it’s a top pick for when the rain keeps you from the beach. Watch this space – they’ll be back!

Places in sydney

Jamberoo Action Park

When it comes to kids, just like we can’t do a post without mentioning a beach, we can’t do a post without mentioning a water park. The Jamberoo Action Park is a must for the whole family, loaded with rides galore. From the outrageous new ride The Perfect Storm (the tallest and longest ride of its kind in the world), to more gentle experiences for younger children (and frightened adults), such as tubing, there really is something for everyone. So long as you enjoy getting wet of course! They’ve even got a water cinema to unwind after a day sliding down the chutes!

Museum of contemporary art

We do love places kids can go and not only have a good time but learn something as well. The Museum of Contemporary Art does just that. With stunning interactive works of art, you can really get a “hands on” feel for the museum’s pieces, and educate and inspire children to be creative. We especially love the use of light to create some visually stunning installations and we’re sure that any child will be in awe. It’s also another attraction that’s perfect for a rainy day. We believe art and culture are really important – not just when travelling – so take the kids here for a different experience they’ll never forget.

Museum in sydney

Staying with the subject of rainy days and museums, we couldn’t get away without mentioning this one! The Australian museum is one of the best to be experienced with so much going on to excite all 5 senses for any age. Delving into all things Australian, including culture and nature, the museum has been around for 190 years! So they know a thing or two about putting on a good show. They’re always putting on new exhibitions and events, including a cool, interactive “Critter Club” for 4-7 year old children who want to be up close and personal with spiders and insects! Creepy!

Escape rooms

For the older kids and teenagers, we would highly recommend escape rooms. One of the most popular and fastest growing tourist attractions in the world, the premise is simple. You and your team are locked in a room for 60 minutes, with no way of escape until you crack the code. Sydney Escape Hunt is just one of the choices popping up all over the place in the city, and they have four exciting challenges to try. Each room has a theme, such as their secret service mission, and all you have to do is to solve the challenging puzzle. Use that grey matter well – it’s a perfect day out for super sleuths everywhere!

Places in sydney

Whether you’re a young kid or an old kid, Sydney has something to offer any age, and for any taste. If you prefer action and adventure, or inspiration and education, there’s just so much more than we could have included here, so the only suggestion we can make is that you just go and find it out for yourselves. We guarantee all kinds of fun that the kids will love you for. Unless you leave them locked in the escape room!