For a country with such a small population, it is surprising just how many Australians venture abroad each year. Just in case the gigantic land mass of the sub-continent they call home isn’t enough to explore, Aussies love getting out and about. In fact, more than 6.8 million of them jump on a plane or boat each year to head somewhere new.

Perhaps it is because geographically the nation is so isolated from just about everything, or the people of the land down under have learnt how to play the hemispheres against each other for year long round summer (even though the temperature never really gets THAT cold in Australia). Whatever the reasons, Aussies are everywhere.


You can recognize them by a number of distinct features. No, they won’t be riding their pet kangaroo around the Eiffel Tower and they might disappoint you with their lack of crocodile hunting skills, but they will be up for a good old adventure while abroad.

They will call flip flops ‘thongs’


Ok, they know that thongs means a pair of ladies underwear as well, but this doesn’t change a thing when Aussies go abroad. They will pack their thongs, they will walk endless kilometers in their thongs, and they will call them thongs. They won’t even be embarrassed when you call them out on it.

They may have a Southern Cross tattoo or paraphernalia

This is a dead giveaway to spot an Aussie abroad. Patriotism! The Southern Cross tattoo can range from a small shoulder design to a large back covering monstrosity depending on levels of patriotism.

They don’t say bathing suit at all


In Australia, it’s called bathers. This can mean a one-piece or a bikini. They’re just bathers. Oh, and as for sun bathing – that’s for the weak. You will hear an Aussie casually express their desire to go ‘sun baking’ like it’s no big deal. Yes, in Australia the sun does in fact bake your skin if you’re not wearing SPF 50+. This is why Aussies will be out in the sun all day long in the midst of a European summer – that sun has nothing on the country where there’s been a hole in the ozone layer for years. Australians take a lot to burn!

Their accent makes everything sound like a question

Australians are blessed, or cursed, with a terminal inflection on their words. This means that the last word goes up an octave when they speak. Basically, everything sounds like a question when you’re talking to an Australian. They aren’t always confused, it’s just the accent!

Nonetheless, everyone loves an Aussie accent. The best part about it is that it’s probably coming from someone who is super friendly and easy going. It’s hard to pass up a chat with an Aussie abroad – and it will probably turn into a few casual pints at a bar.

They are extremely talented at drinking wine out of a box


They call it ‘goon’ in Australia and they drink it shamelessly. You just have to be prepared to keep up if you’re in the presence of an Aussie abroad. What’s more, Aussies have various drinking games to go with drinking goon. This can range from the classic “never have I ever” to a home-made specialty called “goon of fortune”. Just another reason to invite an Aussie to a house party if you find one abroad.

They will drink you under the table

Beer, cider, wine, or spirits – Aussies have got this. The hot sun and harsh living conditions seem to have given Australians livers of steel. This means that they are expert drinkers and this skill is highly transferable across the seven seas. They will drink, and party, and drink some more in any country they find themselves. It’s a cultural thing, really.

They will chant ‘Aussie, Aussie, Aussie’ at some point


And they will expect you to chant ‘oi, oi, oi’ back so you better be prepared. Aussies abroad are loud and proud. But why shouldn’t they be, that lucky country down under really has something going for it!

They will shorten many, many words and make it sound ok

Being with an Australian abroad is like developing a whole new lingo. You’re going to hear a few new word combinations and you’re going to have to ask questions. Aussies have this great habit of shortening words and putting a different ending on them. Actually, sometimes the word won’t end up being shorter – it just sounds a lot cooler. You just gotta roll with it when you’re with an Aussie abroad.

Get ready to add these abbreviations to your vocab:


  • Breakfast → Brekkie
  • Australia → Straya
  • McDonalds → Maccas
  • Sunglasses → Sunnies
  • Mosquito → Mozzies
  • Afternoon → Arvo
  • Garbage → Garbo
  • Service/Petrol Station → Servo
  • Speedometer → Speedo

They won’t drink Fosters


No one drinks Fosters in Australia. It’s not served on tap. It’s not revered. It’s just not a thing. If anyone is drinking Fosters in Australia, it’ll be a Brit. Aussies don’t do that. Not at home, not abroad. End of story.

They will be chill about everything

There is a reputation with the Aussies that they are easy going and chilled out. This is even more true when they are abroad. They’ve left behind those real life dramas like houses and jobs and they’ve just got the open road ahead. There are certain expressions you’ll hear an Aussie abroad say quite often, and 9 out of 10 times they will really mean that they are that chilled out. Keep an ear out for:


• No worries (literally none at all)
• She’ll be right (not necessary a she, just anyone or anything)
• All good (referring to every possible problem)
• Righto (the classic O at the end of a word)

They will make sure you have an awesome time with them

Australians are fundamentally fun to travel with and hang out with while on the road. When they’re abroad, they are carefree and loving life. It’s infectious. The best way to appreciate it is to just roll with whatever crazy idea they’re busting out.

All in all, the Aussies are great. You find one abroad and you’ll have a mate for life. An easy going and chilled out adventure with some good yarns are guaranteed with an Australian abroad. Make the most of it and go Aussie spotting on your next trip abroad!