So many people are fond of traveling and exploring new places. But very few of us enjoy the process of packing the suitcase, even if there is an exciting journey waiting ahead. Despite our feelings, the quality of the trip depends on how well we have picked the items to bring with us. In my experience, it is always easier during the summer, because two pairs of shorts and a couple of T-shirts are pretty much enough for a short vacation. At the worst, a pair of new flip-flops will not break your budget. But if it is cold outside, you really don’t want to walk around searching for a coat or feel freezing just because you have forgotten your winter boots. Instead of feeling uncomfortable, I want you to enjoy the beauty of the place you are traveling to and therefore I share some tips on how to pack your suitcase for a cold weather trip.

First of all, I have to say that start packing an hour before the flight is not the best idea. Make a list of all needed items beforehand and follow it during the process. There are a lot of ways to create a packing list: make an Excel spreadsheet and save it on your computer, use a smartphone app or simply write it down on a piece of paper. Do as you please, just make sure that you can not only look at the list but also interact with it by checking items you have already packed. If you take this step responsibly, you will be able to use this list for every next trip and never worry about it again.

Warm clothes

The content of your suitcase primarily depends on your destination. Check the weather before leaving to know exactly how cold it may be. One of the main tips when packing for a cold weather is dressing in layers. This way you can add layers if it’s cold or take some off if it feels warm enough.

Warm sweaters, long sleeve shirts, denim jeans, fleece leggings, hats, scarves and mittens are necessary items in your travel suitcase. If you are planning to ski or snowboard, make sure to take comfortable and warm clothes, thermal underwear, ski suit, fleece pullover and ski gear.

Remember that the first layer of clothes has to remove moisture from the surface of the skin and maintain the heat that our body generates during physical activity.

Winter shoes

When packing shoes for a cold-weather destination always choose comfort over fashion. Nothing can ruin the vacation as being cold and wet at the same time. Therefore if you are expecting rain or snow, make sure to take waterproof boots, preferably with a tall ankle to protect your feet from the water.  Short winter boots is an excellent option for dry weather and everyday activities.

By the way, the lining of the boot is not so important, since it is socks that provide warmth to the feet. Plus it is much easier to dry or change socks in case of getting wet. I recommend taking warm socks (wool or fleece) and a couple of thin, preferably hiking socks.

A useful tip is to pack an electric shoe dryer, which can dry your shoes from the inside. This device will help you not only dry your everyday shoes, but also ski boots, which can only be dried from the inside.

Sun protection

During the cold season, the sunlight reflects from the snow and the lower angle of the sun can impact your sight. Therefore such things as sunglasses with high-quality lenses and snow goggles for skiing or snowboarding are very important.

And just like the eyes, your skin also needs protection. Sunscreen is a necessary item not only during the summer.

First-aid kit

This is an especially important step if you are planning to participate in sports activities, which sometimes result in injuries. Equip your first-aid kit with wound care, analgesic and antipyretic drugs. Special gels may help in case of bruising and stretching.

In case of severe illness or injury, you will have to be assisted at the hospital. Do not forget about insurance, since medical expenses may be pretty high depending on a country.

Electronic devices

In the modern world, we all love to post photos on various social media or even personal blog. Especially fun is to write reviews about travel. In order to have enough space for your photos, in addition to your camera and smartphone, take extra memory cards. They are small and will come in handy.

During the winter electronic devices tend to discharge quicker in the cold temperature comparing to the summertime. It is always a good idea to pack spare batteries for your camera and a portable power bank, which allows charging small electronic devices like smartphone, e-book or tablet on the go. To protect your gadgets from moisture use a waterproof case.

Beauty products

There is no need to take your whole collection of beauty products. Even though this is a winter vacation, we still want to keep our suitcase as light as possible. Nowadays a lot of manufacturers offer special travel-size options. These mini-formats are perfect for vacation and usually enough for a 7 to 10-day trip.

During the winter the skin of all types needs an additional care and a portion of nutrients. Due to the sudden changes in temperature, the skin actively loses moisture, which leads to dehydration. To prevent flaking, don’t forget to pack a small vial of moisturiser.

Another area, which suffers during the cold season, is the lips. Be sure to pack a lip balm, which has a dense oily texture. Use it every time when you feel like your lips are dry and it will save them from chapping.

If make-up is something you need to have with you during the winter trip, think about its durability. Strong wind makes eyes water, while snow and rain often test the wearability of makeup products. Waterproof mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadows will help you look beautiful anytime. When choosing a winter lipstick, pay attention to its composition, the presence of oils is very welcome.

When packing a suitcase

When all the items on the list are ready, start packing. Remember that documents, money, expensive devices should go into your carry-on bag. You can also take an extra sweater or even a small blanket in case you will be cold on the plane, train, bus etc.

Do not overload your suitcase. It is always better to leave some space for any purchases and souvenirs you may want to bring from the trip.

And finally, take your packing list with you. It will help not to forget anything on your way back.