It’s not that long after Christmas and there are probably a lot of you still battling the enormous amount of food you consumed during the festive period. Then there are the New Year’s resolutions to uphold – chances are they have something to do with sticking to some kind of a diet and laying off the cakes. This isn’t easy – especially if you’re traveling, and especially if you’re planning to go on a New York trip.

Burger ruins diet
But surely you can’t possibly visit New York while you’re on a diet, can you?! The temptation would be far too much! It’s one of the foodie capitals of the world and for a good reason. So here to tempt you off the weighing scales and into eating some criminally delicious food, all courtesy of the big apple, are ten gorgeous gourmet gifts. Go on – you know you want to.

1. Bagels

One could argue that bagels are literally the best breakfast NYC can offer. We’re open to other options but we doubt it very much – and most locals will tell you the same. You’ll certainly be hard pushed to find a New Yorker who isn’t chowing down on probably the world’s finest bagels as a great way to start the day. It’s possibly because – apart from the delicious dough (from NY water) – you can put absolutely anything on them. Cream cheese, bacon, eggs, mature cheddar, tomato, peanut butter, chocolate, marshmallows. You get the idea.


There are of course healthy alternatives – but where’s the fun in that?!

2. Burgers

We reckon that as far as New York attractions go, the humble burger patty is up there with the best of them. And don’t just be thinking Mcdonald’s or Burger King! That would be a crime! NYC is home to some fine burger establishments, and much like the bagel, you can lash almost anything on them. Throw in some signature fries and a thick shake for added food debauchery. It ain’t good for the waist, but it’s certainly good for the taste! Sorry to be so cheesy.

Burgers in newyork

3. Pizza

Cheese brings us nicely on to pizza. Possibly a contender for the world’s greatest food (in our humble opinion) this is a New York staple. Obviously originally hailing from Italy, Italian Americans settling in New York have long established their ability to rival the old world – beginning with Lombardi’s opening its doors in 1905. Now you can get pizza anywhere in New York, with locals guzzling late night slices from favourite street stands and restaurants – THE WAY to eat pizza in the city. Like the bagel, they say it’s the New York water that makes the dough taste so good. Just don’t order pineapple on it – that’s just plain wrong!

Food in newyork

4. Steak

Oh now we’re talking! Rare sirloin steak, peppercorn sauce, onion rings, all the trimmings. If you’re looking for something a little bit special, don’t look any further than a New York steakhouse. But boy is THIS going to destroy that diet. Some of the concoctions are piled so high they’d be able to feed several people for a week! The massive portions are enough to satisfy any appetite, but we’re in the higher price range now, so probably not the best if you’re on a budget. But you’re only young once right?! Try top rated steakhouses Lincoln Square and Club A.

Food in newyork

5.Hot Dogs

No list about diet-busting food in New York would ever be complete without including hot dogs. New York is famous for its street food stalls and vans, and you’d be mad not to indulge in them. Hot dogs can vary all over the States and the world, but in New York the usual accompaniments are mustard, sauerkraut, tomato sauce and onions.

Food in Newyork

Just get out onto the street anywhere in the city and you’ll find the perfect dog to utterly ruin your diet. There’s no going back now!

6. Tacos

For sheer unadulterated, late night taste of heaven – you need to hit up the hundreds of Mexican street food stands in New York City. Possibly the best thing ever after you’ve added a few beers to the cause of upsetting your fitness program, tacos are so, so good in the big apple. Head towards Otto’s for some awesome handmade tortillas; or Los Tacos 1 for that classic street style atmosphere.

Food in Newyork

7. Barbecue

It’s a good job we’re not writing this while we’re hungry! Barbecue might not be originally renowned in New York, but there are certainly some fantastic places here to gorge out on delicious meats marinated in mouth-watering sauces.

Food in Newyork

Go for the Hill Country BBQ Market and get stuck into some tasty ribs, which are the perfect way to make a total mess of your fingers – and your gym workout.

8. Doughnuts

Now we’re really kicking up a gear to pile on the pounds! If they’re good enough for Homer Simpson, they’re good enough for us. Delicious fried dough (there’s that New York water working here again) and usually lavish toppings make sure that feasting on donuts will double your weight faster than you can say “D’OH!” But we don’t care do we?! Try The Donut Plant for some top notch, gourmet delights, with loads of sugary, colourful sprinkles on top. You’re never going to want to leave.

Food in Newyork


We happen to know a few traveling friends who are on a mission to find the best cheesecake in the world, and according to them, New York cheesecake is a cut above. Apparently it was a New Yorker who claims to have made the first ever cheesecake, and while that’s a bold statement, it might be justified. New York cheese cake just takes the…errrm…cake! Delicious after any of the above meals for that added pang of guilt, or with a cup of coffee as a little snack. We say little – but that treadmill can wait.

Food in newyork

10.Ice Cream

Perhaps it’s the Italian influence again, but New York ice cream parlours have been running away with custom for years now.

Food in newyork

Second only to cheesecake for how badly this dish can destroy that diet, nonetheless you simply can’t beat the literally hundreds of sumptuous flavours from the ice cream stands of New York. The only real problem is choosing one from the huge selection on offer – so we suggest to just order several at once. Variety is the spice of life. For something really unique– go to Chinatown and sample their ice cream – some really interesting concoctions!

So there you have it, a mouth-watering list of delights to tempt you devilishly to ditch the diet and go out on a food party rampage in New York City. It’s a stunning location to visit, full of attractions and places to explore, neighbourhoods to get lost in and secret, hideaway eateries to stumble upon by accident. And you never know; walking around this vast metropolis might actually help to keep you fit – and that diet might still work after all!