A Guide to the Galapagos Islands

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Those who do commit to visiting the Galapagos Islands are rarely disappointed by their experience, apart from the spectacular wildlife you can find landscapes to make photographers feint, you can find places to hike, go snorkelling or kayaking, horseback riding, learn about the islands natural history and, of course, there are plenty of gems hidden beneath the water just waiting for you to explore.

A foreigner in Varanasi – Part 2

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One of the best things that I have seen in my life is the moment when the sun came out. I am a traveler and I have seen many sunrises, but this one was different. On one side there was this beautiful sun and on the other side there were thousands of people inside the water washing themselves.

10 Quick and Easy Travel Packing Hacks

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Packing! You either love it or hate it, there are not many people who fall in-between. Whether you’re visiting your parents for the weekend or heading on an overseas journey, you will find some useful packing hacks below. If you have any packing hacks you think should make the list please write them in the comment section below.

7 Haunted Castles you must see in France

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Desperate men, brave adventures and those who want to try their luck with the haunted castles have travelled from all corners of the world with the idea that they alone could withstand the horrors within the haunted castles of France. Very few have survived, many fled in terror and retreated to the safety of nearby villages while those who stayed experienced something extraordinary! Are you the type of person who would stay or flee?

The Ultimate Getaway Guide to San Diego

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San Diego is the kind of city you visit in order to relax. It’s the type of place you kick up your feet and enjoy the atmosphere – a mix of beaches and chilled city life – whilst sipping on a drink or just taking in the sun. Of course, if you’re more of a walker there are more than a few sites where you can go for a great stroll or two. From the city’s famous zoo to it’s modern and redeveloped Gaslamp Quarter, San Diego’s pace of life might be slower than most places, but it uses that time effectively.

Not Home for the Holidays? Cheer Up!

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December in Minnesota is beautiful - still subject to frigid sub-zero temps and blistery winds, but aesthetically speaking…beautiful. I’m not biased, either. I grew up in North Carolina where we were barely blessed with a sprinkling of snow on Christmas Day. Somehow, a blue Christmas just never excited me.

California Iconic Movie Locations

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Home to Hollywood and the stars, California has a long and rich history as the home of modern cinema. Whilst today film crews travel the world in search of the perfect backdrops for the next blockbuster, not so long-ago budgets were a little tighter and producers had to work with what they had on their doorsteps. From the beaches of LA to the Sierra Nevada mountains, you’ll be amazed at just how many of your favourite movie scenes have been filmed in America’s Golden State. Here are some of our favourites that you can still visit today.

Famous Movie Backdrops In London

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The British Film industry is an unassuming one. It’s sometimes hard to think of films which Britain has actually made. However, did you know that parts of the US hit series 24 was actually filmed in the small city of Southampton, UK? Despite being set in the US. You would be surprised by the scale and number of productions which have actually taken place on UK soil.

Model On The Move: Do’s & Don’ts

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In proper “Model On The Run Away” form, I thought it was only fitting to describe my life as a model…on the move. I find myself in constant motion – be it running to last-minute castings with a bag full of makeup and heels, or flying 40,000 feet above the ground on the way to my next destination. It’s not an easy life, though. Changing countries every three months, being informed of a job the night before with no time to prep, lugging two large suitcases from one end of Milan to the other…it’s hardly as glamorous as one might think. But being a model has taught me to tackle life’s little roadblocks, to appreciate the changes that come along with such a hectic lifestyle. And along the way, I’ve realized a few things.