When spring has well and truly sprung and the winter blues have finally been banished, there’s a strong possibility you’re going to want to grab your swimsuits and make a mad dash for the beach. Everyone loves going on a summer holiday and burning themselves to a crisp in blazing sunshine while stocking up on a much-needed dose of vitamin D. We are certainly no exception!

Having been on the road since 2011, we’ve notched up a fair distance around the world, as well as learning a thing or two about travel hot-spots. Here then, is our handy guide to the best summer travel destinations, incorporating a little something for everyone. Just don’t forget your sunblock.


This stunning country with its beautiful Adriatic coastline and clear, azure blue waters is often overlooked as a summer holiday destination in favour of more popular and traditional “resorts.” Well, that is a crying shame, as Croatia ticks all the right boxes for a summer vacation. Cities not to miss include Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik – the latter is where Star Wars and Game of Thrones were filmed recently. You can get your geek on here!


With some of the friendliest locals, the finest cuisine and sumptuous exotic islands, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better summer holiday vibe than in Thailand. It’s a great country to visit if you’re a first-time traveller, hugely popular with a young backpacker crowd. That being said, lazing away the hours in a hammock with a piña colada on quieter islands like Ko Phayam will satisfy anyone who wants to get away from it all.


Speaking of locals, Iceland has recently been voted friendliest destination in the world! Not bad for a tiny, chilly island in the north Atlantic! It’s the most sparsely populated country in Europe too, with much of the land taken up with geological features. From blue lagoons to spewing geysers, dramatic volcanos and shifting glaciers, there’s never a dull moment in Iceland. It’s best visited in summer because you’ll get 24 hours of daylight too!


In a country that boasts the most islands in the world, you’re definitely going to find some incredible beaches to relax on. It’s pretty much always summer here too and so visiting in the off-season can be a real treat because the weather is still fantastic but without the crowds. Bali is usually the destination of choice but as beautiful as it is, there are quieter, more reclusive hideaways to be found here.

New Zealand

For those of you who prefer your holidays a bit more adventurous, look no further than New Zealand. You’re never that far away from water here given its geography, and the locals are known to be up for a bit of everything! This is where they did the first commercial bungee jump after all! Whatever you’re into, New Zealand will have you covered, but if you’re going to throw yourself out of a plane, please remember the travel insurance!


For decades, Greece has been the European holidaymaker’s number one pick, but it’s suffered in recent years with their economic downturn. That shouldn’t take away from the fact that it is still a beautiful place to visit in its own right. Athens is steeped in history, while islands like Santorini and Rhodes offer something for everyone, and partygoers should head to Corfu. Even in such challenging times, Greece is never too far away from the summer holiday limelight – and rightly so.


Where to begin with Portugal? It has everything. One of the most ancient and culturally significant countries on the planet, you’ll indulge in outstanding seafood, visit colorful castles and architecture, burn and turn on stunning beaches, and enjoy some of the best surfing in the world. Perfect for a summer vacation for all the family, Portugal will keep even the screaming kids happy!


Whaaat?! We hear you cry! And yes, you might well be wondering why we included Kenyan on our list of summer holiday destinations. But not a lot of people know that Kenya has some fantastic beaches along their relatively small Indian Ocean coastline. So much so that many celebrities spend their summer hols here because it affords them peace and quiet with anonymity. There’s plenty to see and do if you want a more active vacation too, not forgetting some of the best safari experiences in the world amidst a fascinating culture to boot.

Costa Rica

Certainly one of the lushest and greenest inclusions on our list, Costa Rica is a nature lover’s delight and will astound you with its rich flora and fauna. Spending days up in the cloud forests of Monteverde is a particular highlight, while down on the beaches you’ll discover the very definition of a tropical paradise. “Pura vida” as the Costa Ricans are fond of saying; “pure life.” Just watch you don’t get your wallet stolen by a cheeky monkey!


Try as we might, we couldn’t miss out France – it is the number one most visited country in the world after all! This eclectic nation needs little introduction – you know what to expect here and it does exactly what it says on the tin. From world-famous landmarks to fine dining and delicious wines, top-class museums and perfect summer climate, you can’t really go wrong with an indulgent break here.

Pack your Bags!

Now that we’ve well and truly whetted your appetite, close your eyes, point to one of these outstanding summer holiday destinations and go. Whichever one you choose, we can guarantee you will not be disappointed!