According to the study conducted among pet owners, almost half of respondents feel guilty when leaving their pets at home while going on vacation. No wonder that nowadays more and more pet lovers like to take their furry friends on a journey to the most distant corners of our planet.

Various travel websites keep posting statistics of the most pet-friendly cities worldwide. However, most of the time the number of pet-friendly hotels does not make up for people’s attitude towards the animals. What is really important, is how welcome guests with pets feel and what additional amenities they can expect.

In general, when coming to Europe and North America, a traveler can expect to find not only various accommodation options that allow pets but also have a freedom to explore surroundings with no specific restrictions. And what can be better than having your beloved pet by your side while swimming in the Mediterranean Sea or hiking through the forests of a National Park? If you are already excited and ready to book a flight for yourself and four-legged companion, let’s take a look at our options and review best pet-friendly holiday destinations.

Switzerland: a country where animals are loved like nowhere else

Switzerland is perhaps the most pet-friendly country on our list. Here you can take your pet literally everywhere. Want to go shopping? No problem, you and your friend will be welcome in any store. Supermarkets, hotels, campings are all open and waiting for you. Everywhere you go, you’ll see little pillars with bags to clean up after your pet. And even in the cafe, your dog will be offered a bowl of water. Can it get more pet-friendly than that?

In addition, traveling with a dog is more than convenient in Switzerland since your four-legged furry friend is welcome in all types of Swiss public transport: bus, train and ship. All you need to do is to buy s travel card for your dog and your buddy will be able to travel everywhere across Switzerland. 

North America and its numerous pet-friendly cities

Basically, North America is one big happy place for animals. US and Canada can boast a variety of activities perfect for a holiday with your favorite pet.

Most of the US states are welcoming tourist with pets, but the friendliest one is probably California. This sunny state offers numerous hotels that are just waiting for you and your pet. Big stores like Target or Walmart are very loyal to dogs or any other furry members of your family. In addition, there are a lot of dog beaches and parks in California.

But the main advantage of North America is its countless number of national parks. Oh, your dog will be so happy running up and down the hills of Grand Canyon or exploring every centimeter of Yosemite National Park. However, as a pet owner, remember that you are responsible for the well being of your dog. Therefore make sure that you have your pet on a leash during the most difficult and dangerous parts of the hike.

Sunbathe, warm sea and luxury pet service in Spain

Spain is for sure a very important destination for any tourist. And, of course, this country was not able to avoid the global tendency of traveling with pets. Around 25% of all hotel facilities in Spain accept guests with animals, making this country a pet-friendly vacation spot.

However, when planning a trip to Spain, we suggest looking into smaller towns, since big tourist cities like Madrid or Barcelona don’t always have the best attitude towards tourist with pets. Little country estates, on the other hand, can be the perfect place for you and your travel companion. Most of them are located in Murcia, Andalusia, Catalonia, Castilla-La Mancha and Extremadura.

If you’d like to treat your pet with a luxury holiday in Spain, choose one of many pet-friendly hotels, which allow pets to enjoy the pool, dog grooming services and provide veterinary services. You can even hire a personal trainer. Your pet will be surrounded with love and care, provided bowls with food, toys and a special bed right next to yours.

A perfect summer day at the most dog-friendly beach in Italy

Another sunny destination on our list is Italy. On one hand, this country is not as pet-friendly as Switzerland, since not all stores allow dogs in and if you come to the cafe with a dog, expect to be seated outside. But despite that, Italy still offers a pretty large number of pet-friendly hotels. And even though you will have to pay an additional fee, it is totally worth to enjoy Italian holiday in the company of your furry friend.

You can leave your pet in one of many special hotels for animals. And while you’re standing in line to see Colosseum, your pet will be taken care of and if necessary provided with veterinary care.

A very special attention deserves a unique beach in Remini called “Rimini Dog No Problem”. Only guests with dogs are allowed here. Each rest area is personalized and separated by a little fence. All “beach suites” are equipped with deck chairs for people and dogs, an umbrella, a table and a bowl with water for the dog. In addition, your pet will be able to cool off in a small inflatable pool, since swimming in the sea is forbidden for dogs.

Greek island hopping with your little travel buddy

Greeks are very hospitable people and you will have no problem finding a hotel where you can stay with the pet. However, to make sure, you can always write a little e-mail to the hotel to receive a confirmation and a list of available pet-friendly amenities.

Most of the pet-friendly hotels are located on popular Greek islands like Crete, Rhodes, Kos and Corfu. You can pick one of many hotels and villas, which will welcome you to stay with a dog, cat or even a ferret.

However, there are still some restrictions that apply to animals in Greece. It is forbidden to take a pet to a restaurant, bathe in the pool and leave unattended. On the bright side, you are allowed to take your dog to the beach. You can freely walk along the seashore with your four-legged pet or bathe under a warm Greek sun. In addition, a huge length of the coastline allows your pet swimming in the sea, away from the crowds of tourists. Such measures are not required but show your respect to those who may be afraid of dogs.