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Agness and Cez are travel bloggers who have made the world their home. After leaving behind the 9-5 routines in 2011, and any thought of a permanent home, they've been on the road ever since. Together, Agness and Cez have discovered the secret to living abroad on a budget and share their travel experiences at eTramping to help others do the same.

The Ultimate Getaway Guide to San Diego

By | January 15th, 2018|Uncategorized, USA|

San Diego is the kind of city you visit in order to relax. It’s the type of place you kick up your feet and enjoy the atmosphere – a mix of beaches and chilled city life – whilst sipping on a drink or just taking in the sun. Of course, if you’re more of a walker there are more than a few sites where you can go for a great stroll or two. From the city’s famous zoo to it’s modern and redeveloped Gaslamp Quarter, San Diego’s pace of life might be slower than most places, but it uses that time effectively.

Famous Movie Backdrops In London

By | December 18th, 2017|Travel Stories, Uncategorized, United Kingdom|

The British Film industry is an unassuming one. It’s sometimes hard to think of films which Britain has actually made. However, did you know that parts of the US hit series 24 was actually filmed in the small city of Southampton, UK? Despite being set in the US. You would be surprised by the scale and number of productions which have actually taken place on UK soil.

10 Absolute Best Destinations for First Time Travelers

By | November 20th, 2017|Travel Food, Travel Stories, Travel Tips, World Travel|

What is the place to visit as a first-time traveler? The first time we were asked this, we weren’t really sure what to answer. There are just so many places on this planet that it seemed an impossible question – after all, everyone likes different things, right? Well, over time we’ve had a few ideas on what we would prefer as our first-time travel destination, and those places have a couple of things in common.

Things to Discover in Zanzibar

By | November 9th, 2017|Solo Travel, Travel Food, Travel Stories, Travel Tips, Uncategorized, World Travel|

Located just off the coast of Tanzania, Zanzibar has a lot of offer anyone looking to explore an exotic destination. From its ancient history, through a period of colonialism (several of them), and its more recent international developments, Zanzibar is incredibly interesting for anyone looking to see incredible architecture, wander through small, winding alleys, and sample delicious food.

How to Travel Cuba

By | October 15th, 2017|Travel Food, Travel Stories, Travel Tips, USA, World Travel|

Cuba is somewhat of a mysterious destination, isn’t it? For the last half a century, it’s been cut off from a lot of the world due to the embargo the US set against them in the 1960s. But where there’s a will, there’s a way, and over the last half century people have still been making their way into the country, mapping its many spectacular destinations.

Iceland Underwater: Diving into the Silfra

By | October 6th, 2017|Travel Stories, Travel Tips, Uncategorized, World Travel|

Have you ever thought about diving between two continents? We’ve certainly considered it. However, it sounds like something almost impossible. Surely, in order to dive between two continents, you would have to travel out into the middle of the ocean and dive to impossibly huge depths before you even got close, right?Here’s our guide to Silfra, including when to go, and what to you’ll see.

Where to Stay in Paris – A Guide to The Best Neighbourhoods

By | September 22nd, 2017|Travel Stories, Travel Tips, World Travel|

So you’re thinking of going to Paris, one of the more vibrant and active cities in the whole of Europe! However, you’re looking at a map of hotels or places to book, and you’re not sure where you should be looking first. Regardless of what the best hotels in Paris are, you want to make sure that you’re in a place which is within easy reach of some of Paris’s best attractions, and which you’re not going to end up (too) lost in.

Bodensee: Europe’s Forgotten Lake

By | September 11th, 2017|Travel Stories, Travel Tips, World Travel|

Bodensee, also known as Lake Constance, is one of Europe’s most beautiful lakes. However, have you ever actually heard of it? No? We’re not surprised. It’s the kind of place which is often forgotten about, except by those lucky few who just so happen to have visited it. Because of this, it’s known as Europe’s forgotten lake.