We woke up with a big headache after Single Fin. We took the cab and during our ride we tried to book our boat to Gili Air, one small island near Bali. We ended up reaching a totally different place though so we missed our boat ride. We had this quote between us all the time, that “we are at the perfect place always.” So instead of worrying about this, we took the first boat to Nusa Penida.

First thing that you have to do, is to take a bike and start discovering. The island is not big but it’s very difficult to reach different spots of the islands because they aren’t so developed when it comes to roads. On the first day we wanted to go to one waterfall, even though the road conditions were tough. When we reached there we realized that we would have to go down on some small stairs around 60m. I saw that a lot of people gave up. Once we reached the bottom, honestly I felt that the view was nice but I think that the road was more exciting that the view. It was such a small waterfall, like really small.

Going back up was truly a challenge.

At the top, we had a Nasi Goreng (rice with vegetables) and decided to go to Keligan Beach. We started very happy but after few minutes our friends had a flat tyre, so we had to go and search for someone to fix it which took us some time to find.

Everyone there was trying to search for the perfect spot for a picture. I don’t know, I felt like some guys were actually mad because of the people that strayed into their picture. Hope I’m wrong. “If you go downstairs it’s on your own risk” was written on some board. We didn’t care, we started to go down. So many stairs and so many missing stairs that made the road more difficult. We saw some many beaches in a couple of weeks and we were used to them, but this one, it had something special. It’s an amazing small beach surrounded by 2 mountains and when you looked up you could see the one thousands stairs to reach that place. Swimming in that water was like drinking the nectar of Gods, really.

In our last week we went to Ubud, a spiritual place in Bali. Here it’s more of a jungle, less beaches on this side. Oh yea, and it’s full, literally full of foreigners even though the place is closer to the volcano. Speaking about volcanos, one day we were at the pool from our house chilling and we thought, what can we do today. Let’s go to Agung (volcano) I said. It was forbidden to go near the Volcano since it had erupted just a week ago. As we got closer and closer to the volcano we started to feel scared. At one point, the locals tried to stop us to not go up. But we went up on the other side and kept moving.

“I am too scared, let’s go back” my friend told me. I knew that the holiest temple in Bali was at the end of the road. So I was telling them all the time, let’s go a little bit more. At some point we couldn’t ride the bike up anymore so we parked it behind some trees and tried to hide it, in case police comes.

If the volcano erupted that moment we would surely die, no chance at all. The scariest view that I had seen in my life, the temple in fog surrounded by what remained from the trees because of lava. I saw the mud that came out of volcano. But the temple was there so I said that we should go for at least a short while. For the first time in a long time I heard nothing.

In a weird way when I was there I had a lot of energy but after I left I felt like all my energy drained out. So we ran like hell when we left without looking back, we reached our place still scared about that experience. Guess what? after 4 hours the volcano erupted again, not in an aggressive way but still.. So yea that is the most scariest moment of my life, by far.

Since we talked about Volcano, I’m gonna tell you one of our last adventures.

In Ubud, you have go trekking on Mountain Batur, (one Volcano that erupted in 2005) it’s like a must. You have to wake up around 3 AM to have time. It’s really funny when I remember. We woke up at 3 AM so we were in time, we had this amazing host that cooked for us some breakfast in the morning. On our way, we realized that we forgot to put fuel in the bike. At that hour it wasn’t that easy to find fuel. So we stopped in a market tried to ask everyone to give us some fuel. Nothing, not even a single person was speaking English there. Until one guy came and told us to follow him on some dark and small streets. He started screaming at one fence and one lady came with 10 litres of fuel. All that she had, we took. We paid some tips to that guy and we got back on the track.

After 1 hr of drive, oh yea it was cold, really cold, we reached.. but.. at wrong place, because I put the wrong address in maps. We saw some people and we found the place from where you start the trekking. “let’s go, hurry up” I said. But then 2 locals came. They told us we can’t go up if we don’t pay. Pay for what? The mountains? I said, Yes, they answer. In just few minutes, other guys came, ready to fight if we didn’t pay.. we tried to avoid all the problems and we left. We went to another peak by mistake and saw this view. I don’t know how it looks from Batur, but I didn’t care anymore.. the way fog hung above the forest when the sun rose and the way the smoke above the volcano looked.. it’s hard to describe. We were just staring, trying to understand this incredible phenomenon.

It was only 7 AM and we still had the full day ahead. So we planned to go to another temple that was on the other side on the island. After 1 hr and 30 minutes on the road, I realized that I put the wrong address, and we were on our way to Sekumpul waterfall. The farthest sight to see on the island. We were extremely tired when we reached there, but were fully recharged from the energy of that place. Sekumpul means 7, so it’s about 7 major waterfalls, but there are another 10-15 smaller waterfalls. The rain started, but it just couldn’t spoil our moment there. I remember that when we were there one friend told me something like: “this it’s the best moment of my life” without saying anything else for the next hour or so.

Why is Bali heaven? I started the first article with this question.

Because you can find everything here. Beaches, mountains, volcanos, spiritual places, clubs, pubs, amazing coffee (here they are making the luwak coffee, one of the most expensive in the world) good food, surfers, pretty girls and so on. Of course there are bad and good people like always. But the good people here are amazing. I will never forget what the guy that was cleaning my pool taught me about life and karma, or how I was dancing with the waiters in my favourite Warung screaming: “put your hands up, put your,. … hands up”..

Thank you for all the experiences & lessons, Bali!