What’s heaven for me?

I am gonna tell you how I had the best month of my life on the amazing island of Bali.

It all started with me taking the plane from Bangkok to Bali, which by the way is very cheap, $70 or something. My friends, the Mango Manos crew, how we called ourselves, were already waiting for me there. We were planning to stay for  several days in different places in Bali.

At the airport almost all the countries from the world can take a 1 month free visa, which is cool! Pay attention to this: if you want to stay more than one month there, you have to pay a tax of $25 at the airport, if you don’t pay it, you can’t extend it. You have to go out of the country.

Going out of the airport, I tried to book an Uber to go to the hotel. But there was something happening which freaked me out a bit. The locals made an agreement between them to control different places, where an Uber can’t pick you. It’s not illegal but you don’t want to mess up with them. So I had to walk around 10 minutes out of the airport to take my cab. “But Stefan you went on vacation and why were you so greedy”? Look, beside the fact that the taxi drivers were so weird and aggressive, they asked for 5 times more than an Uber. I preferred to walk with my luggage for 15 minutes.

I went there in December when it’s mostly raining in Bali.

During the first week we stayed in Seminyak, which is well know for parties and pubs but not so much for beaches or spiritual places.  I had just come down from Bangkok, so I didn’t want to party so much honestly. After I reached the hotel we went to one beach but it was raining almost all the time.  So I had an awful first day. Also, if that wasn’t enough, the weather forecast for the rest of the week was more rains.

“How is heaven on earth Stefan?”

I know right? Next day in the morning it was raining and we went to Uluwatu. This is an area in South of Bali which is well known for the beautiful beaches. The rained stopped at some point, and the weather was incredible. Even the Sun came out in the middle of the rain at some point.

Next, we went to a place called Blue point. I have seen amazing places in my life, you know, but at that place for the first time in my life I was shocked with it’s beauty. It looked like God himself had worked on every part of that spot. There was this magnificent cave with amazing blue water and a really small beach. And the best part being that there was absolutely no one other . For the first time I was really sure that it was going to be a great adventure from now on.

I remember that I was watching the surfers and just hoping that one day I will jump on to the surfing board.

“Stefan why was the beach empty, if it was so amazing?”

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell! In October 2017 there was an eruption of the Volcano Agung, which hadn’t erupted in the past 70 years, so it was really messy. Flights canceled, people blocked at the airport for almost one week. So most of the people avoided the islands. It was a bit scary but we didn’t see it this way. We took advantage of it and we negotiated and got good deals on almost everything: accommodation, bikes, surfing lessons and so on.


There’s not too much to say about Seminyak. It’s a bit more expensive than other sides of Bali.  As I said before all the clubs are in this area. Some of the clubs are really good like Potato, Red ruby, Laguna and so on.

On my third day, we were at Potato to have a drink on the daytime. I was just swimming in the pool enjoying, and when I looked at the beach, I saw the most amazing sunset of my life. Everything was just perfect! I don’t think there was something better than the sunset, the beautiful shades of orange, red, purple and pink over the sea and how it started getting more beautiful as the sun started to descend. That was the best moment to just sit and enjoy a beer!

There are rumors that the best sunsets in Bali are around this area. I can’t really say, but to see the sunset at Potato (it’s a club, I know you are hungry) or La Brisa in Canggu is a must.

Talking about Potato club, I just remember one of the most interesting nights of my life.  We stayed in Uluwatu which wasn’t really that happening. We tried to save some money, so we took our bike and went to Seminyak which was a 1 hour and 30 minutes ride. It was fun but we reached Potato so late that the party was almost finished. 

Another thing about Bali is it’s crazy for parking because you have to pay some amount of money. In my country we call it “protection tax”. In order to avoid this we tried to park at some other place, but ended up losing our bike. We were roaming around for almost 30 minutes.

Also, it was the rainy season remember? So it started to rain really bad, it was like a scene from the movies. We found one place to cover ourselves.

There was 1 bike driver and 2 other guys from parking. They were speaking  good English, so we start chatting about Bali, about life. They offered us Cigarettes and beer. As time passed, one guy came he told us that he moved our bike because that was his area. I know that was wrong but we wanted to go home so bad that we were just happy to jump on the bike and head back without caring about the rain. The way back home was a real experience. It rained so bad that we couldn’t see one meter ahead. We were screaming and singing all the time because we were so cold.

There is one beach, Nyang Nyang, that is still untouched by people. You can see the real Bali there. You have to walk around 30-40 minutes to reach the beach so it’s not for everyone. There is this amazing gold sand with this clear blue water. The contrast is amazing. The thing is you can’t really swim there because of the rocks, but you can walk for hours on that beach.

I remember that once we met a fisherman that didn’t speak English, but he wanted to talk with us about so much. He drew some calamari and some other fish on the sand and tried to show us how he catches them.

Since it’s in the south, the place surrounded by beaches. Many times I just took the bike, stopped at different places and just keep searching for new beaches. Or just have something to eat with the locals and speak with them about happiness or different subjects.

One of the biggest temples in Bali is Uluwatu temple. I am not overrating but the moment I got near the temple, I felt an incredible energy. We were quiet there just sitting and enjoying that feeling and watch the best kecak dance that you can see in Bali. An amazing Balinese ritual is observed at sunset. It’s a bit expensive, but definitely worth it. The temple is on the top of the mountain so the view from there leaves you speechless.

Oh yea, funny fact. The monkeys there are crazy. They can steal your phone or glasses in one second. When the temple is closing you can find your stuff taken by the monkeys near the trees.

Our last night in Uluwatu, we went to Single Fin. The best place to go in Bali on Sunday. What a night, what a night! We went there around 5 PM to see the sunset and partied until 3 AM. At some point it started raining really bad, but people were still dancing with more passion, and seemed more happy.

Next day we were supposed to book our ship to go to Gili Air but we totally forgot and..

To be continued…