Finding the perfect travel partner can be tough. You both need to decide on where to go, what to do and pray that you will still be on speaking terms by the end of the trip. All of this can drama can be off-putting and sometimes leads to us choosing to travel solo.

However, solo travel can get lonely, and there are times when you want to share memories and experiences with a companion. This is where your furry friend steps in. Dogs come with zero drama, love you unconditionally, and are always up for an adventure!

So here are eight reasons why you should leave your human friends at home for your next trip and instead hit the road with your dog:

1. You Don’t Have To Worry About Your Dog

According to pet insurer Petplan, 65% of people experience separation anxiety from their pets when travelling. Many pet owners feel guilty when it is time to leave their fur babies and can’t stand to see the imploring “don’t leave me” look in their pet’s eyes. It also doesn’t help that when owners return from holiday, they often find that their animal did not getwasn’t looked after according to their standards.

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All this combined can make what is supposed to be an exciting adventure somewhere new a stressful experience for both owner and pet.

However, with many transport options, hotels and restaurants becoming pet-friendly around the world, it is easier than ever to take your beloved pooch with you.

2. Dogs Are Always Up For An Adventure

One of the best parts about travelling is strolling around the streets and taking in the sights, sounds and smells of a new city. Dogs are the perfect companions for this – they love walks! Plus, they will never complain about being bored or their feet being sore.

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Your furry friend will mission with you for the whole day without complaint, and in return, you will have someone to share the experience with and the perfect selfie partner along the way.

3. Dogs Won’t Judge You

Have you ever decided not to do something because you felt your travel buddy would hate it?

When you travel with your dog, you get to decide on the itinerary, without the guilt and all of the company. You don’t need to be conscious of how your decisions will affect someone else and you don’t need to worry about the other person’s feelings. Your pooch will go wherever you do because it is not about the destination or ticking off a bucket list for them; it’s all about spending time with you.

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So here’s to “wasting” the day lazing on a beach in Cape Town, visiting all the famous New York attractions or having a picnic on the Champ de Mars in Paris. You’re 100% in charge of this adventure.

4. Dogs Won’t Kill Your Road Trip Vibe

We all have that great friend, who has terrible taste in music. While they might be the life of the party, bringing them along on a road trip can quickly feel like a life sentence. Music sets the tone of the trip and helps to pass the time on the road. Nothing kills the mood of a journey quicker then horrible music and arguments about what is played.

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When road tripping with people, a war can break out over who has control over the playlist or an overly chatty companion and ruin a peaceful drive just as much.

By bringing your dog along instead, you can have the best of both worlds: someone who will not judge your singing or how many times you play the same Justin Bieber song on repeat.

5. You Won’t Ever Fight About Food

Have you ever gone away with someone and had a huge blow up about where to eat? Maybe you felt like sushi, and your travel buddy had their heart set on tacos, or maybe they had a restrictive diet. Trying to juggle mealtimes with another person can quickly become a headache.

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You don’t need to worry about this with your dog! Your furry best friend won’t mind which restaurant you choose or what food he gets. All you need to do is Google beforehand to find pet-friendly restaurants in the area.

There are tons of travel blogs with suggestions, all you need to do is pick on and you are set for drama free meals throughout your trip!

6. Kennel Stress In Dogs Is Real

While there are some circumstances where we cannot avoid putting our dogs in kennels, it is easy enough to avoid as well.Dogs, like any animal, can become easily stressed when placed in a new environment, with a change of diet, routine and nothing familiar around them. The strange smells and other dogs barking can make even the steadiest of dogs nervous and anxious.

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By choosing pet-friendly holiday destinations and making an effort to get your pooch ready for a life of travel, you can help avoid this unwanted stress for both of you and save on kennel fees at the same time.

7. It is a Great Way To Meet People

It’s no secret that people who love animals tend to easily bond even if they don’t own a pet. While traveling locally or abroad with your pooch, it’s a great conversation starter as you both already have something in common.

If you are planning a day walking around a new city, make sure to stop at the local dog park. It’s a great way to meet different people from all walks of life, and your dog will enjoy the opportunity to run around and play to his or hers hearts content.

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No local dog parks around? Make a stop at a coffee shop and sit outside with your pet. Just make sure your dog is socialised so when a stranger walks up and strikes a conversation it doesn’t bark or snap.

8. Dogs Don’t Have A Busy Schedule

Trying to organise a much-needed holiday around your friends or partners hectic schedule can be frustrating. You both have to sit down and find dates that work for both of you, accommodation you both agree on and how much you are both prepared to spend.


While some of these challenges can be overcome by simply planning well in advance, life sometimes gets in the way, and travel partners need to cancel last minute.

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With your dog, you won’t have this problem. While there certainly will be logistics you need to organize such as vaccinations, travel documentation, a traveling crate and pet-friendly accommodation – this is all within your control. Your pooch is never going to phone or text you with an excuse as to why they cannot come.

Plus, when traveling with your dog you can plan last minute vacations with ease! Making it even easier to take advantage of travel deals and time sensitive vacation packages.
As long as you put in the time and effort to prepare them for the trip, you will always have a travel companion guaranteed.

There you have it, eight reasons why your dog is the perfect travel companion. It truly is the best of both worlds. You get to experience all the positives of solo travel like being in control of your itinerary and simplifying your plans with none of the negatives.

Next time you are in need of a holiday, don’t leave your pooch at home. Instead bring them along for a bonding experience like no other!