Desperate men, brave adventures and those who want to try their luck with the haunted castles have travelled from all corners of the world with the idea that they alone could withstand the horrors within the haunted castles of France. Very few have survived, many fled in terror and retreated to the safety of nearby villages while those who stayed experienced something extraordinary! Are you the type of person who would stay or flee?

Here, I will tell you about 7 of the best haunted castles you can visit in France with a simple road trip and a 7 or 8 day car rental, today they may seem touristy with crowds of people during daylight hours but it’s a different world at night. Throughout the history of France you can learn about the many castles and chateaus found in the country which are still standing today, some have surpassed time and continue to bring entice travellers from around the world to bare witness to the supernatural.

Keep reading to find out about my supernatural French recommendations.

Day 1:

Arriving in Paris is a wondrous feeling, from the spectacular architecture, the foreign yet so familiar sites and the atmosphere. Upon your arrival, everything may seem familiar, the weather might be grey, it rains a lot and it’s generally colder than first thought (although this depends on where you’re coming from). I highly recommend exploring the city and don’t hide from the gloomy weather. Many hotel, although very nice and modern, had a strong resemblance to the weather outside. This was the perfect time to rest up before my next adventure.

Day 2:

After a light French breakfast in the hotel, make your way to the car rental office to pick up a set of wheels to get you through your journey easily. There’s plenty to experience from beautiful cafes, wondrous markets and, not to mention, all of the history you can find within walking distance all through Paris. But to truly get in the mood to explore the spooky side of France make your way to Château de Puymartin in Dordogne to learn about and possibly experience one of the most popular ghost stories in the county.

The White Lady, La Dame Blanche, also known as Thérèsa de Saint-Clar, was imprisoned in the top of the tower for approximately 15 years by her husband after being caught cheating on him. She ended up passing away in the room and her body was placed within the walls of her prison.
She has since been sighted wearing a white dress and asking drivers for a lift. If the driver happens to agree and let her in the car, she will give an ear piercing scream and vanish into thin air, the most well-known sighting was by a few young men who picked up the White Lady and screamed “Beware of the curb!” Before vanishing before their eyes.

Day 3:

Driving slowly through the narrow streets find your way out of the city and begin to make your way to the next destination of your haunted France journey. Onwards to the Palace of Versailles.

Walking through the gardens towards the palace while the sun sets and the fog rolling in creates the perfect setting for a spooky night out. I know what you’re thinking, the Palace of Versailles … haunted? No way! Yes way! Think about it, Marie Antionette, one of the more patrons in it’s history, was beheaded. She now roams the grounds and halls at night seeking to get revenge on those who beheaded her. After the numerous reports of ghost sightings on the grounds or in the royal bedchamber.

Day 4:

Heading north from Versailles and find the castle of Mont St-Michel in Normandy. Try to arrive at the castle as the sun sets and take in atmosphere and landscapes of Normandy. Most people come here in search of the ghost of Louis d’Estouville who commanded the garrison at the abbey and defeated 2,000 English solders during the 100 years war. There are rumours of red sand around the garrison just like the aftermath of the battle and that he still guards the castle until his last ghostly breath.

Day 5:

After a sleepless night, make the drive to visit the Château de Châteaubriant. There are many stories about knights and monks taking a midnight stroll through the grounds and up the stairs before disappearing right on midnight every year on the 16th of October. In 1537 the mistress of King Francis I and the wife of Jean de Laval-Châteaubriant, Françoise, suddenly died on the 16th of October. Coincidence?

Day 6:

A short drive from the Château de Châteaubriant you’ll find Château de Trécesson drowned in eerie legends, murders and suspicious deaths. Please note that this castle is privately owned so a tour may not be possible depending on when you visit. One particular legend involves a bride being buried alive in the walls of the castle on her wedding day by her own brothers. On occasion there have been a group of people playing cards in a room within the castle who don’t like to be disturbed and another

Day 7:

Follow the roads to Château de Brissac in the Loire Valley. Although, this chateau has played a big role in wars throughout history, it’s Charlotte de Brézè and her lover who were murdered sometime during the 15th century and their ghosts have been haunting the castle ever since.

Day 8:

Your last stop on your haunted France journey is the Château de Blandy-les-Tours. This Château was built on a Necropolis so it goes without doubt that the place is steeped in supernatural stories. Try to arrive before sunset to check out the beautiful landscapes around the Château. Rumoured to be one of the spookiest places in the country, haunted by a feudal lord carrying a dagger throughout the year but the big day is All Saints day where a chores of trapped souls can be heard screaming in the middle of the night.

Day 9:

Heading back to Paris marking the end of your journey, be thankful you made it out alive with your mind and body in tact. I’m sure you’ll have plenty of stories to tell, hopefully some photos to show  friends and family. Have you ever had any supernatural experiences in France? Or anywhere else in the world for that matter? Share your stories in the comment section below.