There’s nothing like grabbing a bunch of your best girlfriends and going on a holiday. The bottomless mimosas, endless laughs and constant conversations are something that you’ll cherish forever. It’s all a bunch of fun, but the hardest part can be deciding where to go!
Here are 7 destinations that should be on every girlfriend getaway list.

Get luxurious in the United Arab Emirates

When you think of a girlfriend getaway in the UAE, you automatically think Sex and the City. Four girls taking on the extravagant lifestyle with a fancy vacation like no other..that’s hoping you don’t run into your ex, like Carrie. But the UAE is so much more than just luxury hotels, expensive shopping and a high-class lifestyle.
With places like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the UAE is not only rich in wealth, but also rich in culture. You can go from being in the chaos of a gold market, to the calmness of a mosque, to the sandy dunes of a desert all in a day.
The UAE is the perfect girlfriend experience; whether you’re after a birthday getaway or a general vacation, there are a number of things to do that’ll keep all the ladies entertained. Spend a day doing some luxe shopping, ride a camel, relax at a beach resort or just enjoy the sky high views that the United Arab Emirates has to offer.

Gyros on the Greek Islands

If you’re after a beach getaway with the gals, look no further than the Greek islands. Though busy in the summer time, the Greek islands have something to offer every kind of girlfriend. The vibrant white houses, crystal clear waters and laidback vibe will have you extending your stay, no matter which islands you hop across.
Each Greek island is different, so make sure you chose a few to get a full experience. You might want to head to Mykonos for a party, Santorini for views and Ios for relaxation. Whatever you’re looking for on your girlfriend getaway, the Greek Islands will cater your needs with its beautiful people, tasty wine and delicious Gyros that’s acceptable to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Gyros on the Greek Islands

Caribbean Cruising

What better way to see some of the most beautiful and exotic Caribbean islands than cruising along them with your closest girlfriends? You’ve got the array of beaches in Aruba, the culture of the Dominican, the reggae vibes of Jamaica – the list is never ending.
A Caribbean cruise takes all the planning out of a girlfriend getaway. With an all expenses paid cruise along the Caribbean, all you have to do is pick a ship, cabin and a route, and you’re set!
You’ve got the gorgeous weather, delicious dining, activities on and off board and everything else ready for you. With the hassle of having to think about accommodation or transport eliminated, that means less time researching and more time shopping for new bikini!

Ola, Mexico!

One word – margaritas!
Another word – tacos!
If you and your girlfriends are looking for culture, colour and cocktails, then Mexico is your spot. The energy of Mexico is like no other. Flourishing with a deep history, Mexico has one of the highest levels of tourism coming through in Latin America, and for a million good reasons!
With the peso being so affordable, you and the girls will be able to spurge on churros and tequila for your entire trip! You can even look into vacation packages that will offer you an all inclusive, unlimited supply of those delicious margaritas! Salud to that!

colour and cocktails

The Beauty of Bali

Don’t let the bad backpacker reputation of Bali scare you off. There is a lot of beauty for you and your gals to discover! Being a cheaper travel destination, you’ll definitely get more out of your buck when traveling to Bali, or any South East Asian country you decide to go to.
Bali is known as being a popular travel destination, especially for Australians. With such cheap airfare deals, it’s hard to not go and explore the islands and rich heritage.
If you’re looking for a more cultural getaway, Bali is a great place to start, especially with places like Ubud or Seminyak. You’ve got the beautiful waterfalls, rice fields, volcanoes and a coastline for days. The affordability allows you and the gals to stay in private villas, shop until you drop, eat like a queen and do everything that you want to do on a girls getaway.

West Coast Road Trippin’

There’s no better way to get to truly know your girlfriends than being stuck with them 24/7 while road tripping across the west coast of America.
If you want to ditch the modern way of traveling via plane, then a U.S road trip is for you girls. It allows you to be spontaneous, go by your own clock and have total control of your travels.
Not only does the U.S west coast have some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, but it’s warm weather and delicious food makes for the perfect girls trip! You can party in Vegas, drive through the Valleys, hike through Yosemite, eat yum cha in San Fran, soak up the sun in LA and relax on the white beaches of San Diego, all while belting out 90s pop songs on your way there.
There are so many amazing routes you can take when road tripping through the US west coast, so grab a map and get beautifully lost!

An Italian Love Affair

If you and your girlfriends love all things carbs, then go to Italy. Indulge in some of the best pizza and pasta while enjoying the beautiful architecture of Florence, the shopping in Milan and the romance of Rome. Soak in the seductiveness of the Amalfi Coast, walk on water in Venice and get historical in Naples.
There’s a reason why people become obsessed with a country like Italy – it’s because everywhere you look, there’s something going on and some kind of beauty that takes over your heart. Italy is a great getaway if you’re looking to explore, eat and discover a new found happiness that only traveling with your girlfriends can give you.

Traveling with your girlfriends is different than solo travel or going off with your partner. It’s a real test on your friendship where you discover new things about each other that will make you become closer. Whether you choose to eat a dozen slices of pizza in Naples or ride quad bikes while chasing the sunset through Santorini, wherever you decide to go will be amazing because you’re with your favourite girls. Enjoy the moment, the company and let the good times roll!