If you’re someone who enjoys traveling and seeing the world in unique and exciting ways, it can be hard returning home. After endless adventures and catching flights from country to country, there is something extremely difficult about returning home. Sure, home is a great place because it has those things that are so familiar and comfortable. But it also becomes a breeding ground for boredom.

When you’ve spent time on the road bouncing around to different hostels and taking in different sights and smells on a daily basis, coming home to that familiarity can be so dull. You’re someone who craves excitement and throwing yourself into the unknown. What’s around your home city that can offer you that kind of adrenaline rush?

Well, you never know what you can uncover and discover in your home city when you look at it through a different lens. Once you’ve gotten rid of the jet lag and found a settled system in place back home, you can still release your inner-traveler in your own home city. Get some inspiration on how you can be a tourist in your home city with these great tips. They are a great way to feed the travel bug and avoid the inevitable post-travel blues.

Sometimes, you simply have to go away from what you know in order to appreciate it even more. You might just find a new found love for your home city with this guide.

Get some information from a hotel or hostel

When you want to find some information about what there is to do around your home city, hotels, maybe even a bed and breakfast, and hostels are great starting points. Sure, you can go to a tourist information centre, but they will really only give you the basics. Hostels especially go beyond the standard and find some real hidden gems along the way.

Bed And Breakfast

After you’ve spent time abroad and traveling around, you become well accustomed to ducking into a hostel and asking for directions or tips on what to do. There’s no reason you can’t do this in your home city.

Now, let’s face it, you probably don’t even know where hostels are in your local city. So, put it into Google maps and find out what hostels are around. You know what else, finding hostels means finding people who are traveling. This is your gateway to finding genuine tourists.

Travel Book

Therefore, not only will you get some great information from the reception at whatever accommodation you choose, but you also increase your chances of finding people who want to explore your city as tourists. Why not make some new friends and show them around with your local perspective, while getting to see everything from their tourist eyes. You do it while you’re abroad, why not at home?

See the city from different perspectives and heights

 Sometimes all it takes is a new filter at looking at something to see it’s real beauty. To do this, you need to take a different stance. This can be done as simply as turning around at the right. For instance, if you are walking along that street that you always walk down or crossing that bridge that has always been the same old bridge, take the time to turn around at a different point on the street.

Travel Book

By doing this, you are opening up new images and sights to your eyes. You are taking the time to see things from a different point of view. You never know what hidden secret is waiting at a different corner, rather than always taking the same corner.

The same goes from different heights. There might be a really cool set of stairs, a hip rooftop bar, or a hill in the garden that you haven’t taken the time to appreciate before. Find out the highest point in your home city from a travel planner guidebook and make your way to the top of it. Get a whole new breadth and depth of looking at your city from above.

Get the camera out and take those touristy shots

 So you may not have the Eiffel Tower or the Egyptian pyramids in your backyard, but you’ve definitely got something special out there. Whatever your city is famous for, take that iconic selfie in front of it. When you head into your city next time, take what you would in your travel bag, including your camera and go-getting attitude.

Travel Planner Guidebook

Think about everything you stop to take photos of while you are traveling, from the trees to the sky to the buildings and the signs. Get your camera or phone out and take those happy snaps. Put yourself in them and see how you look at a tourist in your home city.

Head outdoors with your tourist lens on

Seeing your home city on the ground and outdoors is one of the best ways to discover what is out there. There may be some really cool city hikes, some beautiful gardens, or some hidden parks on the outskirts of the city that you have never known about before.

Travel Planner Guidebook

Consult a travel book about your home city and see what some of the top recommendations are. One weekend, pop on your walking shoes or even take a bike ride around and explore the great outdoors around your home city.

Get involved in the local history

Every city has unique history that speaks volumes about the culture and customs of a country. Therefore, every city has a museum of some description, and this is the best way to really get in touch with what has happened in your city’s past.

Travel Bag

Find out more about the museums, galleries, and libraries that are around in your city. These often has really insightful exhibitions and displays that can give you a whole new education on the place you call home. This will help enhance your local intelligence, and also give you some handy information to pass onto other people about your home city when you are traveling. It is very valuable knowledge to have!

So, just because you’re back home doesn’t mean you have to pack away your travel perspectives and attitude. You can put these on during the weekend and become a tourist in your home city in some really fun, affordable, and informative ways. Why not rustle up a group of friends and explore your city together, seeing it through tourists’ eyes and learning to appreciate the beauty that you otherwise take for granted. Remember, your city may not seem special until you think about the greatness that other people see it in when they’re not from there.