Packing! You either love it or hate it, there are not many people who fall in-between. Whether you’re visiting your parents for the weekend or heading on an overseas journey, you will find some useful packing hacks below. If you have any packing hacks you think should make the list please write them in the comment section below.

Organise your clothes.

    1. Packing cubes are a popular method for organising clothes and other gear you intend to travel with but feel free to use any other system to organise your clothes that you feel comfortable with.
    2. Roll clothes. In most cases, it’s proven that rolling clothes saves space and minimises the creases in your outfits. Not only is this a space saving idea but there are many ways you can roll your clothes which allow more room for souvenirs and other more important things.
    1. With this simple wardrobe item from Ikea, Skubb or Svira, you can organise your clothes by day and essentially pack a whole weeks worth of clothes. This also minimises unpacking time, simply open your bag, take out the rack and hang it up in the wardrobe.

Use space wisely

(e.g. put things inside shoes). This is one of the biggest wastes of space in many peoples bags. Shoes, hats or any other item with available storage space seems to be wasted. If you are packing a pair of shoes make sure you put socks or something inside them, this way the shoes will keep their shape you will be guaranteed to have an extra pair of socks if you’ve forgotten your other bag with socks.

Carry-on only.

There is plenty of evidence that proves this is not only a good packing hack but one of the best ways to travel, essentially, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your trip rather than waiting for luggage at the carousel in the airport. It can also save you money especially with budget airlines who charge extra for check-in luggage.

Checklist or packing list.

I don’t know many people who love checklists but they are one of the easiest ways to make sure you pack everything you need and don’t leave anything behind. For me, I have a packing list for my tech to make sure I pack all the necessary charging cables.

Take half of what you need.

This is more of a travel hack than a packing hack. The aim here is to minimise what you bring, for a weeks trip I usually take either 4 or 5 T-shirts, 2 pairs of pants and 7 pairs of underwear and socks. Regarding shoes, make sure they’re suitable for a night out as well as your outdoor adventures.

Liquids at the top.

Everyone knows going through security at the airport isn’t fun, it’s one of the necessary evils in the world. Long lines, endless crowds of people and plenty of impatient people. Liquids and electronics, if flying, need to be easily accessed. For this reason, I make sure to pack my liquids in a clear sealed bag towards the top of my bag, preferably in their own pocket just in case of leaks.

Basic first aid kit and essential medicines.

It’s inevitable, something will not go to plan while you’re travelling, with the availability of medical supplies and doctors around the world it’s much better than it used to be thanks to the internet but it doesn’t hurt to be a little prepared. Make sure to pack a basic first aid kit with the essentials (bandaids, alcohol swabs, painkillers, gauze, bandages, safety pins, small scissors, etc.) in order to be prepared to help yourself or others if needed.

Bring a bag or something to store dirty laundry and wet clothes.

I don’t know about you, but I always bring an extra bag just for dirty laundry. Not only does this contain the odour of dirty clothes but it also makes it easy for you to organise your laundry, simply take the bag to the washing machines in your hostel or the hotel and bring it all back to your room when it’s done

Take a luggage scale.

One of those things I’ve never really thought about until I bought one really cheap. This thing has saved me so many times when travelling. The ability to weigh your own bag before heading to the airport is amazing! You know for yourself how much your bag is over or under the weight limit.

Empty water bottle.

Bringing an empty water bottle has so many benefits when travelling. It gives you a free drinking source as long as you can find the drinking fountain at the airport, also, depending on the bottle you take, it can also be used to keep drinks warm or cold throughout the day.

I hope you enjoyed this list of travel hacks, did you learn anything new? Have you got any travel hacks you think should have made the list? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!